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Dubak U Frequently Asked Questions:

1. Is Dubak U accredited?

Dubak U is a NCCER Accredited Training Sponsor and a NCCER Accredited Assessment Center.


2. How do I enroll or apply? 

We will post the Dubak U Apprentice job on the Dubak Job Openings page, Indeed, and through various social media outlets such as Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter. To be the first to know, click on the links to follow us.You can also sign up on our mailing list for more info.


3. How much does school cost? 

The only out of pocket cost for a Dubak U student is the cost of your tools and the cost of your steel toe or composite boots. You will be provided with books, PPE and other resources to help you succeed through the program.


4. Where is it located? 

Dubak U is located at 1201  Barnsdale La Grange Park, IL 60526

Dubak U Training Unit & Assessment Site Located at 5202 E. 24th Street Indianapolis, IN 46218


5. What is the curriculum and how is it determined?

The books and curriculum used for the Dubak U program is same curriculum and books used by NCCER.


6. How long is the Dubak U Apprenticeship Program?

The Dubak U Apprenticeship Program is a 4-year, classroom and hands-on work program.The program is designed to educate and train a student with 4 years of hands-on industrial electrical work experience, as well as 4 years of in classroom training.


7. When does school start?

The Dubak U School Year begins July  and classes start September.


8. What time are the classes offered?

Classes meet 3 days a week in the evenings and meet every other week.


9. Can I take a tour of the school?

Click on the link for a virtual tour of the Dubak U Training Classroom and Hands-On Training Facility.

Virtual Tour

10. How does the grading system work?

Students are required to maintain an 80% or higher average to stay in the program.This 80% average is based on passing classroom exams and assignments.Students also receive pay and performance reviews every 6 months.


11. What type of student does Dubak U best serve?

The Dubak U program is an intense program that requires dedication and commitment by the student. This program is a work and study combined program where the students gain real hands-on, industrial electrical experience working 40 hours a week on various job sites. In addition to the daily work, the students attend 9 hours a week of classroom and/or hands-on learning. Students are also required to study on their own time.

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